All About Heaven Bound Ministries

Heaven Bound Ministries is a new Christian Book store in Luray, Page County Virginia. We are on a new quest to bring God's word to the local communities of Page County. Heaven Bound Ministries has been founded on the

following principles:


  1. We were all created by God and for God. We were created to give glory to God
  2. Man has fallen out of fellowship with God.
  3. God has provided a way to restore fellowship with Him through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


It is our desire to provide all the tools possible to help every person learn what is needed to receive restoration to that fellowship with God. God is a God of love and wants to be included in every aspect of our lives.  


Please go to our “Contact Us” page and let us know how we can better serve you in this quest.


How We Got Started

This is the history of how Heaven Bound Ministries was started.

I (Dale Schneider) moved to Virginia the last week of August 2001. I have been a Christian since I was 7 years old but never really allowed the power of God to work in my life. I got married in July 2002 and my parents moved out to Virginia from California in October 2002. Shortly after my parents moved out here, we started going to MT Carmel Regular Baptist church and began to be very active in the church.

In 2004 / 2005 God began to lay on my heart the desire to open a Christian bookstore here in Luray VA. Even then I knew what to call the ministry He was calling me to. But not long after God birthed this desire in me I began to allow the cares and worries of this world to distract me and draw me away from the things that God wanted to do in my life. The next seven years I lived my life the way I wanted to, away from God. It was what I thought I wanted at the time, but then that is the way sin is, it deceives you into thinking that sin is better than God.

My mom was a great spiritual person and a great prayer warrior and I am sure that is the reason I am alive and healthy today. My mom passed away in February 2012 and I promised her, while she was on her death bed, that I would live my life for God from then on. Since that time I have grown closer to God and understand more about who I am in Christ than ever before.

As time passed, God began to revive the desire He had placed in my heart in 2005. By the end of 2012 the Christian bookstore was all I could think about so I told my wife (Cindy) what I was planning on doing. Since I had mentioned it to her in 2005 and nothing ever came of it she just passed it off as another whim. But then I told her that I had made up my mind to tell my boss that I was going to retire and do this Christian bookstore. She saw the determination I had and fear struck her; the fear of uncertainty and change. We talked about it a little but I left it up to God to reassure her. Within just a few days she was onboard 100% and helping me make some plans. 2013 has been a fantastic year for us to see how God has worked on our behalf to encourage us and to bring things together. God has shown us where and when He wants us to open the store, the name and some of the programs He wants us to be a part of.

        The future of Heaven Bound Ministries is just as exciting. Not only is Heaven Bound Ministries going to be a Christian bookstore but as time goes on and God anoints, we are going to be much more involved in the local ministries to help provide spiritual guidance and assistance for those going through hard times. We will be looking to establish a major food bank and hopefully partner with local ministries to open a homeless shelter and drug rehab center.

Heaven Bound Ministries opened successfully on March 31st and it has been a joy to serve our community.We continue to fine tune our inventory to better serve you and all the local churches. We welcome any and all suggestions as to the products you would like to see and services you would like for us to offer. Please fill out the contact us form on the contact us page or feel free to email me at Thank you for your interest and support of this ministry.


Dale Schneider

Products and Services

We will be carrying a wide assortment of books for all ages and all Christian reading interests including Bible studies, fictional and inspirational as well as teaching materials. Heaven Bound Ministries is committed to providing the best learning materials to help all people have a better understanding of the love, grace and mercy God has shown to each of us through His Son Jesus Christ.

Heaven Bound Ministries will also be carrying assorted gifts, craft items, jewelry, home décor and clothing.  

Local churches will be able to purchase all their supplies including VBS, Sunday school lessons, church bulletins and communion supplies. Churches will also be able to purchase some maintenance items such as light bulbs and other minor electrical needs. 

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Contact Us

Heaven Bound Ministries

11 E Luray Shopping Center

Luray, VA 22835



Phone: (540)-843-0789


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Regular Hours

We opened Monday March 31st 2014

Our New Hours are

M, T, T, F, S  9AM to 7PM

Wednesday is 9AM to 6PM

Closed on Sunday 


Our address is


11 E Luray Shopping Center

Luray, VA. 22835


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